Thursday, October 6, 2011

Damn' Pancreatic Cancer

I really don't like when events like this come along. I recently lost a friend to the same (type of) reaper, and he was very active in his community as well. Both are major losses, no matter status or position in our society. They were both 'Do-ers'. I would like to become more of a Do-er than an Idea guy and these guys push me, although in a passive sense of meaning. Well, our lives are indeed short, and it's events like these that drive me to recognize that - and focus on what is important and what REALLY needs to be done.

We lost a true visionary and rebel yesterday. His company made the first computer that I owned. He pushed boundaries and people to be better and maintain the cutting edge of what is technologically possible. He embodied minimalistic design, getting more out of that design and improving quality of life in the same package. It started like most of the American dreams do - in a garage. He made technology for the masses, not for the money (of course, that came along as well). He Helped a struggling animation company become one of the juggernauts of the industry. I'm certain there are many more points to mention, but I am just a fan and don't want to bore you.

This event also leads me to wonder who will be shaping our technological future now? Will the envelope stagnate? I'm sure he left some instructions... I just hope that there are more real visionaries (Do-ers) out there to push in the same directions. And it is also my hope that they are for the people and not the corporate money gods - you know what I mean.

Steve Jobs...R.I.P.

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