Thursday, March 4, 2010

Music - Michael LuBrant

Hello all,

Well it's been a long road, and I love it when life affords us the karma that comes when paths cross of good people whom you haven't seen in so long. Remember folks, it's a journey. I feel lucky to be given one of these moments a couple weeks back.

When I worked at Teknion, I worked with a cool guy, Michael LuBrant in the IS (IT) department. I also played bass with him once or twice at open mic nights. Back then, he had already began his musical career recording his own music - and it was good then. I bumped into him, and he turned me onto his latest stuff - You have to check it out!

The music from his latest CD, 'Any Road You Take' shows his accomplishment and maturity as a singer/songwriter. From the rock beat in 'Long Time Gone' to his soulful balladeer's delivery in 'Rainy Sunday', Michael demonstrates his formidable songwriting ability. 'A Little More Time' hearkens back to 80's influences from pop music and shows more of the vast creativity he possesses. No need to look further, his music is fresh, soulful and you can see right into him and feel what he gives to you.

Like I said...karma. It's the best.

...Thanks for listening...