Thursday, November 25, 2010

Spamalot Pit Crew

Hello all.

It's been about 4 days since the last show of Spamalot at the Ritz, and I must admit that I am having separation anxiety. These guys were so much fun to play with and the cast and crew were all 24 karats.

Here we are 'shoe-horned' into our 15'x4' space, stage left in the theatre. The line up from left to right is: Gary Jackere on Drums, Me (Dale Storer) on Bass, Brian Bacon on Keyboard (also Conductor), Jim Sheffer on Trumpet and Steve Grenhart on Woodwinds.

This is us at the Opening Night after-work party. I'm gonna miss these guys.

There is something to be said for working with people that are talented and have easy-going attitudes. That makes it less like work and more like fun - and getting paid for it.

Hopefully we can do more soon! And thanks go out to Gary Jackere for supplying the photos.

...Thanks for listening...

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